About Us

Why Keeko and what is it about?

Keeko is a rebrand of the domain Koaky, which we decided to buy to serve a global purpose – mutual sharing and respect through social media.

The name has no special meaning behind it, other than people can pronounce it better than Koaky [ko-a-ki/koki]. Keeko is way simpler to utter and has the characteristic of becoming big like Facebook and Twitter.

How come, you ask? Facebook has double vowels and Twitter has double consonants. Keeko has double vowels and consonants. Doesn't that make Keeko, the next great social exchange platform?

Kidding aside (though we truly believe that), Keeko is not only a web tool to gain Twitter followers and get online exposure. It is also a social community comprised of people willing to be in a give and take relationship.

You need to give your clicks to earn points, and then use points to earn clicks for your post. See the cycle? It is how things are done on Keeko.

Social Sharing Web Tool

At its core, Keeko is social sharing web tool developed by experts to create a community where online users can help each other grow their social media reach. The web tool allows users to click like, reblog, follow, tweet, plus one, and share other people's web contents and social media accounts and echo messages to their own network of followers and connections.

In turn, users can add their own web contents and accounts on Keeko, have it displayed for other users to click like, reblog, follow, tweet, plus one, and share. This will aid them grow their online reach exponentially. Earn points to get more of this opportunity.

Point System

Earning Points

Keeko uses a point system. New registered users start at a zero point on their Keeko balance. In order to earn points, users must engage in a clicking activity that will share other members' web contents and get their social accounts followed. Every click on the like, reblog, follow, tweet, plus one, share is equivalent to .5 point. So the more clicks the more points users earn.

Use Points

When users get enough points, they can now use the points to their own web contents and social accounts. Each URL or account added on each service requires 1 point per 1 click, which means when a user adds his or her Twitter account and assigns 10 points, the expected clicks will also be equivalent to 10. When the assigned points are fulfilled that means 10 people on Keeko have followed the Twitter account. The same rule applies to adding and assigning points to web content for sharing.

Community of Sharing

Keeko has over 35,000 users and still counting. With this huge user base in the community, your content can become viral and the possibility of growing your followers and becoming popular is achievable. Keeko's foundation relies on mutual respect and sharing within the community. Every click boosts users' chance to reach goals they have established when signing up to social networks like Twitter, Google plus, Tumblr, and LinkedIn.

Keeko helps the online community achieve their purpose on social networks. We are a group of advocates to the Golden Rule:

"Do unto others what you want done unto you." - Confucius