How should you go about Online Marketing?

There is no hard and fast rule about online marketing; but we humans are naturally self-organizing. Now there are a variety of choices for sources both online and offline on tips, tricks and tactics to effectively market and promote your product, services, even your art, or a cause. And for this, many have turned to social media marketing.

In the last decade, users have dictated the way websites are developed. Twitter for instance, was only initially built to send out a text message to many people all at once, increasing people's ways to connect to others. Little did they realize that users would begin to see how advantageous it is to get Twitter followers and use Twitter as a tool to spread information real time, from mundane things to topics of great import such as breaking news or a worldwide phenomenon. Twitter has developed its website according to the new uses that Tweeps have found for it. Similar social media websites like Facebook began similarly - only with the intention of providing a better and quicker means to connect, but users began to effectively utilize these connections for various reasons, thus helping to quickly develop social media marketing.

These days, with millions and millions of online users, it's getting much harder to find your market. We believe good online marketing and promotion is finding the right combination of elements to employ in your strategy to drive traffic to your online hub, generate buzz to attract even more people, and ultimately turn these individuals into an engaged and loyal audience.

How's your Facebook Page?

Because there are more people trying to get Facebook likes, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections - you name it - it sure looks like competition has gotten so much tougher in a relatively short span of time. You can ask your friends to hit that like button and share your page to others but it can only go so far. After a considerable amount of time, your Page likes may have been stuck at roughly the same number of friends that you have, and you're following more people than your number of followers. So what can help you magnify your online presence?

Among the best ways to help your social media marketing strategy is to trade likes, followers, and connections. can help you do that.

What's Keeko?

Get Facebook Likes is a social media exchange site that allows you to gather likes, followers, more connections than you can ever imagine, and build a stronger network with these organic likes and followers. Yes, we say "organic" because Keeko employs a give-and-take system among its users.

We simply deliver to your screen the Facebook Pages check out, as well as links that you may be be interested in, instead of having to search for them yourself. What's more, you can filter through them and narrow down your choices according to your preferences. In turn, others have followers and likers - which will then include you - who are like-minded.

You can get Facebook likes by earning points each time you like a page, follow a person, like a link, establish a LinkedIn connection. You can then assign those points to each social media account you've posted, and get them back in the form of likes and followers.

What's in it for you?

Employing the acquisition of more likes and followers as part of your social media marketing strategy gives you several advantages.

Brand Exposure

Having more likes helps with brand exposure. Consider the ability of Facebook users to share information. With, say, a hundred likes, you can expect that these individuals have friends outside your own online network. This multiplies the chances of your updates being seen, and your brand being introduced to people who have not heard of you before.


As with brand exposure, it is essential to build your credibility online. People will more likely trust those that have garnered a sizeable audience to their online hub. In addition, it helps to generate buzz and attract the attention of individuals who belong to your target market, as well as your fringe audience – those at the outer edges of your network. It’s important to try various ways of catching and holding the attention of your target market, and gaining more page likes helps to do that.

Increase in traffic

It is also crucial to be able to drive traffic towards your Facebook Page, and you can do this with your Facebook updates. With real people interested in your page seeing your updates.

Know your tools

Another thing you want to take note of is to know your tools and how to use them. There are many things you can do on your page to attract, and keep your audience. Here are some options for you, and you can choose those that will best fit your needs on your Facebook Page.

Understand your Admin Panel

Take a look at your Admin Panel, and take time to understand what goes on there. This is where you can find out how your page is faring.

Build a Fan gate.

Putting up a fan gate is easy, and there are various ways to do that. A lot of easy-to-follow tutorials are available online for this. What this does is that it keeps your updates hidden from individuals who have not yet liked your Facebook Page. Your page will show them a different page that will instruct them to like the page. You can also tell them that if they do, they’ll get updates, discounts (if applicable), perks, and information on promos and what-not. As soon as they hit “Like”, they will be shown your timeline every time they visit your page. So that’s one view for fans, and another view for non-fans.

Use the Fan Gate as a promotional tool.

You can couple the fan gate with an additional perk that they can get should they choose to hit like on your page. For instance, you can say, “Get special discounts when you click on that Like button!”

Important Note: Know what will and what will not work for your page

This takes time, but again, do take time to research on other tools and the benefits of each. A tactic that has proven to be great for one individual may not necessarily work for you.

Things you don’t want to forget

It’s crucial to back up your strategies with content that will make your audience feel that they’ve made the right decision, and that the time they spend on your online hub is worth their while. Maintaining good services, offering quality products, and keeping them engaged will ultimately turn your target market into an audience that will talk about you, furthering the efforts that you began just by getting more Facebook likes through

Creating a solid profile for your page helps to build your credibility, along with other tactics that you want to use. You will want to make sure that you page is uncluttered, with posts that are well crafted and relevant to your audience and your page.

It’s also of great benefit to know what type of language to use in your posts, updates, descriptions and other Page content. You will want to suit it to the needs of your Page as well as your type of audience. Who are they? What are their general preferences and tastes? What demographic do they belong to? When your audience is able to relate to you, they will feel special and will see you as in touch with your customers. However, always remain professional in your communication with them. People will appreciate a well-crafted post as compared to one that’s made haphazardly.

When posting, remember to try and keep your audience engaged.

• Promos and Contests are the most common ways of keeping your audience engaged. Throw out one once in a while to get them excited.

• When you have no ongoing activities, post content that can most likely be shared by your fans to others, and pose a question for them. It’s also a good way of getting a picture of how engaged your audience is, and how many of them actually are.

• Post photos coupled with good content. According to Momentus Media, posts with photos earned 0.21% engagement rate, bigger than as compared to videos (0.11%) and links (0.07%)

• Time your posts. According to statistics on, Saturday is the best day for sharing on Facebook as most people have more free time. On a daily basis, noon would be a great choice since most everyone’s on break.

Remember to keep abreast of what’s happening on Facebook, and the updates that are being made. These information can help you customize and update your own page according to your needs. A good source of updates is the website Allfacebook, where they blog about news, updates and issues surrounding Facebook. As wide as the internet is, there are tons of other sources that you can check out, so take time to browse for essential information.