Privacy Policy

We at Keeko believe strongly in confidentiality. Our site requires certain secure and confidential information from you so we can do our job correctly. This information may be something like: Name, Email Address and Facebook Page (or other information that is necessary for the system).

However, all of this information is held in the strictest form of confidence and is never sold, or given to other service providers or advertisers. The information you provide is used for the sole and express use of completing your service, and is not shared in any way with outside sources or parties.

The only data that is shared is composite traffic data. But this data excludes the use of email addresses or personal information. For instance, we may tell an advertiser that an X number of individuals visit the site, or that Y number of men and Z numbers of women has used the site. But personal information will never be disclosed.

Our company uses the appropriate managerial, electronic, and physical procedures to safeguard all personal information. If you want us to send you your personal identifiable information please send us an e-mail at If any of this personal information is incorrect you can send a request detailing the error to the said email address. To protect our customer's security and privacy we will verify your identity before making necessary corrections. Any other questions you may have can be directed to